Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The rockfest stage decked up before the show. (photo by Jyoti Mansukhani)

More than 300 rock loving students + Rockfest + DIAC = A magnificent night of pure rock! On Monday, October 11th 2010, from 5:00 pm all the way to 10:00pm, Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) had a moment. Students of DIAC swayed to six rock bands at the ‘Follow the Evolution of Rock’ festival. 

The 'Floor Fanatics' stomping up the excitement. (photo by Jyoti Mansukhani)
The crowd held their anticipation for the ice breakers – The Fatangz.  After that, the crowd was on a ‘roll’. A sponsor’s promotion seemed trivial until ‘The Floor Fanatics’ a dance troupe kicked in with shrills of gusto. They moved the audience to a point of jaw drops and eye pops. Goodies were thrown at the audience. We’re not done.

The enthusiastic crowd rocking to the tunes. (photo by Jyoti Mansukhani)
‘Ground Zero’, the second band in the lineup caught every adrenaline in the crowd. People air guitared to Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the water’ in the midst of trippy lightings and reverberations. The band had people wanting to run, scream, head bang and moreover, let loose. ‘ They are inspirational’, said Roshan Chikodi, another victim of Ground Zero’s brilliance.
Ground Zero performing at the DIAC rockfest. (photo by Jyoti Mansukhani)
The night moved on with other bands; ‘Kshatriya’, ‘Absolace’, ‘One Time’ and ‘Behold the Locus’. The crowd upheld their energy till the end because epic songs like Guns and Roses’ ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ and Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ made people spell rockfest just right. The bands got the crowd into a void of euphoria. 
The rockfest welcomed the ‘Fresh Off the Boats’ (FOBs) with a thud. They made sure that the famous phrase ‘All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy’ does not apply for you in your university, or atleast DIAC for sure. 

The rockfest stage during the show. (photo by Jyoti Mansukhani)

~ by Jyoti Mansukhani


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