Thursday, November 4, 2010

   Dr. S. K. Pandey, Chairperson, IT Dept, Mr. Zaheeruddin Ahmed, Sr. Lecturer and student coordinator Dinesh Mokariya at the opening  of the exhibition. (Photo by Sonam Bhoneshwar)
A multimedia exhibition was held in the Department of Information Technology on 28th October, 2010. The students of software specialization of the IT Department displayed posters designed on Adobe Photoshop which was later judged and prizes distributed. 

Students and judges at the exhibition. (Photo by Sonam Bhoneshwar)
There were three categories of themes selected by the participants: Art, Nature and Social Messages. Mr. Zaheeruddin Ahmed, Senior Lecturer, IIT Department was in charge of the event and guided the students to work towards presenting their creativity and innovative designs. 

Students were required to select a theme and come up with a unique idea for a poster and display it on a mounting board. They were judged by faculty members from the IT and Media Departments.

The winners for the exhibition are as follows: 

1st Prize 
Amandeep Singh Saini with his winning entry. (Photo by Sonam Bhoneshwar)
 2nd Prize
Monisha Newton with her winning entry. (Photo by Sonam Bhoneshwar
Report by Sonam Bhoneshwar