Monday, November 8, 2010

(Photo by Jyoti Mansukhani)
Once in a semester, cloth hangers with the traditional wear becomes light as Manipal University celebrates Ethnic Day with sheer grace. With Diwali a day later, the mood couldn’t be more festive.   

Ethnic day in all its splendor was there to see on 4th November 2010. It had a set repertoire; Mehndi and Rangoli competition, elegance and culture personification. Students’ anatomy of Ethnic Day comprised of conventional food, juxtaposes of contemporary vs. standard clothing and a standard pose wave with flashes bouncing off every glass window.

Rangoli made out of coloured rice. (Photo by Jyoti Mansukhani)
Rangoli and Mehndi competition was conducted from 1pm to 3pm. Students represented their departments, which got plain emulous eventually. Colours, vibrancy and bursts of fiery vibrations were heard and everyone danced to ebullience. Concurrently, mehndi competition was conducted in the auditorium. Arabic and Indian designs added to the essence of this day, where one got the right vibe of ethnicity.

Students taking part in such an event is normal under the microscopic view. Teachers encouraged their students, especially Mrs. Uma Prasad (Student Services Officer) who motivated the students. 

 An intricate mehndi design. (Photo by Jyoti Mansukhani)
The event came down to a finale where the winner and runner ups were announced. For the Rangoli competition, the Fashion Department (Ankita, Soomaiya and Meghal) aced with an embellished woman as their design. Runners up, the Media students (Kavisha, Vinisha and Janki) came second with a South Indian representation of Lord Krishna as their design. The mehndi competition winner was from the Interior Design Department (Sumerah) with an adorned intricate design. The runner up was from the Biotechnology Department (Naasiha).

The winning Rangoli by Fashion students (Photo by Jyoti Mansukhani)
Manipal University Dubai is a hub of opportunities and talent profundity. The students are vested with immense knowledge, career foundation and also grounded with moral/traditional values which are reflected during such events. 

Report by Jyoti Mansukhani

The runners up Rangoli by Media students (Photo by Jyoti Mansukhani)