Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mr. Y. D. Pittkar interacting with students at the seminar. (Photo by Mariza Zora Moidy)
Mr. Y. D. Pittkar, is not just a photographer but also the author of the book “Romance of Red Stones”. In his book, he talks about his lifelong passion on how to capture India and its architectural beauty. 

Mr. Y. D. Pittkar, is a faculty member of the famed Sir. J.J. University of Architecture in Mumbai, India. He was the guest speaker at a seminar held at Manipal University, Dubai Campus to share his interest in architectural photography to the students. Mr. Pittkar shared with the students his keen interest of exteriors through his pictures of structural details, designs, forms and vertical lines. 

He stated his love for buildings by saying “it’s just not a steel box but it also carries the ego of the place itself”. His main interest are low rise buildings as he said high rises are of high standards and he does not prefer high standards as he is a down to earth person. He also spoke more about his book – which is all about the exteriors of red stone buildings, mainly the Red Fort in New Delhi, India.

He also talked about how during his stay in Dubai, he discovered the melting pot of different cultures and people – what the city of Dubai is famous for. Mr. Pittkar developed a love for the place. He said “Dubai is a beautiful place with everything available”. He loves the controlled and disciplined traffic saying compared to Mumbai, India. “Traffic over here is well organized and rules and regulations are followed here which makes things much easier and faster.” The Dubai traffic has inspired him to capture photos of the roads in Dubai. 

Mr. Pittkar also talked about his other interests that include flying planes, gliding and a curious but unique collection of fountain pens and different kinds of pencils which he expresses with emotions attached to it. 

In conclusion to his visit he says he thoroughly enjoyed capturing every moment and the feedback from the students of Manipal University, Dubai Campus. 

Ms. Eglah, 2nd  year Interior Design student said the seminar was very informative, very creative and knowledge. Ms. Jarina, 2nd year Interior Design student said “Mr. Pittkar was very friendly and he created a learning environment that was fun to be at.” Ms. Harsha, 3rd year Interior Design student said she learnt a lot because Mr. Pittkar was interesting and made things simple and easy to understand.

Mr. Ashok Iyer introducing Mr. Y. D. Pittkar at the seminar. (Photo by Mariza Zora Moidy)

Report by Mariza Zora Moidy