Thursday, March 24, 2011

JAL raising the pulse of the evening. Photo by Mariza Moidy.
The last day of Jashn 2011, hosted by BITS Pilani Dubai turned out to be the best day of the festival with crowds being treated to a host of rock performances by well-known bands.  Bands like Nikoten, Moonshine, Sandwash and Jal, a popular Pakistan based band performed leaving the crowds asking for more. 

Charlie the base guitarist of the rock band NIKOTIN. Photo by Mariza Moidy.
Before all of that Manipal University Dubai swept the first and second prize in the ‘Western singing’ category of the student competitions held before the concerts. Jessica Johnson from Sem IV, Department of Media and Communications won the first place and Irene Kuruvila from BBA Sem II won second place with their well-deserved performances. 

Cruise the lead singer of NIKOTIN. Photo by Mariza Moidy.
The rock concert was loud, noisy and chock-a-bloc, but for sure added to the encore. The opening act for the evening at the BITS Pilani campus was Nikotin which left the young rockers with the true essence of rock music. Following them, Moonshine took the stage with ‘Rock you like a Hurricane’ by the legendary Scorpions and then fine-tuned into a tribute to Metallica. 
MOONSHINE singing "Rock you like a hurricane'. Photo by Mariza Moidy.
To give a break to the rock bands, the music swung to desi hip-pop and the crowd loved it. Upcoming and talented desi singer, Flint J from Dubai had the crowd move to his tunes. To add to the excitement Flint J was recording his performance for his first video giving audiences a chance to appear in his music video. Jal took over the stage and took the music to the eager crowd. Their famous track ‘Aadat’ and other hits by them, got people swaying with delight.  

A snapshot of the enthusiastic crowds at Jashn 2011. Photo by Mariza Moidy.
University life is remembered by the concerts, competitions and the time spent with friends. That day was one such day. Ending on a positive note, students took back good memories and look forward to the next upcoming concerts and competitions.