Thursday, March 3, 2011

A clay model of a tortoise by students of the pottery workshop. Photo by Puja Kirti 
A pottery workshop was organized by the Department of Interior Design, Manipal University Dubai from 27th February to 3rd March, 2011.  Mr. Sandeep Manchekar, a skilled potter by profession from India was the workshop mentor. He guided the students through the art, skill and creative possibilities in pottery. 
The workshop was divided into two levels – basic and advanced. It was attended  by students of Manipal University Dubai and faculty members.
The circle of life in clay. Photo by Savio Dias.
The basic level comprised of two days:

Day 1 – Kneading clay and making a bowl using the pinching method.

Day 2 – Boxes to be made using cloth materials, slabs, rolling pins and other materials.

Clay bowls in different shapes by the budding potters at the workshop. Photo by Puja Kirti
The following two days included the advanced course.  The students were taught how to make pots and further paint them before putting them in the kiln. The material provided was specially bought in from India.

Report by: Sonam Bhoneshwar