Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners affairs is holding a competition titled ‘Sharat Al Tahadi’, which means ‘Sign of Challenge’ in English, for the youth in order to create an educational and practical environment. It focuses on bring out and train talented students who are able to search, analyse, put into practice and comprehend real requirements of state institutions.

Their main mission is to encourage national and social participation in order to achieve sustainable development. It also urges the interested participants to let their creative juices flow with the help of even providing them practice, and most importantly it builds in the competitive attitude in the individual. Its main aim is to transform skills into innovation and creativity.

There are two categories which students can participate in:

1.   IT Competition

Under this, there is Software designing and Website designing. The project should be well documented as the following:

    * System Idea and how it solves a problem
    * System Diagram
    * Can the system be integrated with other systems.
    * System benefits and how the system is deep with its functions.

2.   Digital Media Competition

The different entities under this are:

    * Digital Photography
    * Caricature
    * Video Documentary making

The topics for these should be related to: Environment, Heritage, Traditions, Culture and it can also be about issues of concern to society or the world. It can also include Customer Services, and about service for the people with special needs, or also on topics of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs.

Individuals or groups comprising of maximum 5 members can participate in these two competitions.

The deadline for submissions is 4th April 2011.

So hurry up. Interested participants may register @: http://dnrd.ae/SharatAlTahadi/RegisterationE.aspx

Report By: Zainab Das.