Thursday, March 3, 2011

A performance from Talent's Day 2010. (From Dept. of Media and Communications Photo Archive) 
The “Manipal’s Talents Day” competition is coming up soon. All those who wish to audition for it are most welcome.  All those who wish to audition for it are most welcome. The auditions will be held on 7th March 2011.

The four categories which you can audition for are:

•    Group Dance: Western and Eastern – Prepare a dance for the audition. Maximum 4 students in a group.

•    Duet Singing: Western and Eastern - Prepare a song for the auditions. Maximum 2 students in a team (girl/boy, boy/boy, girl. girl).

•    Kya Scene Hai: There are only four minutes given to recreate an exact bollywood scene, using the same dialogues, costumes and props. Maximum 4 students are allowed, in a group.

•    Mad Ad’s: Prepare a comedy ad, with dialogues, props, jingles and products.
NOTE:  For group dance and duet, participants have to come as groups for audition and perform for about two minutes. In the last two categories, groups have to discuss their scenes and products.

For further information and to register contact the Student Services Officer.

Report by Zainab Das