Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Anzuma, media student getting a free dental check-up at 'Health Fair 2011'. Photo by Zainab Das
The Department of Biotechnology, Manipal University, Dubai organized their annual event ‘Health Fair 2011’ which was a combined effort of the students and faculty. The ‘Health Fair 2011’ was a two day event held on 11th and 12th April which had a lot of informative content and activities that took place one after the other. The first day began with a talk session by Dr. Sreekumar Sreedharan, from the Aster Medical Group.

His lecture enlightened the audience on how lifestyle diseases can be more hazardous for them more than any other disease. Obesity is one major concern as it can lead to other threats such as diabetes, cholestrol and many cardiovascular diseases. Other concerns are hypertension and blood pressure along with stress in everyday life. There were various solutions put forward such as avoiding habits like smoking, drinking and consuming a healthy diet by including a lot of fruits and veggies and how one should also indulge into a lot of physical activities. 

Dr. Sreekumar Sreedharan from the Aster Medical Group talking about lifestyle diseases.  Photo by Zainab Das
The event then proceeded with an interesting session of health quiz, where there were six teams – The Nanotrons, Knockout Geeks, Jumping Genes, Free Thinkers, Bouncing Brains, and Cranium Krushers. These teams comprised of one student and one faculty respectively for each team. There were three rounds and each round comprised of ten questions. The winners in the end were the Cranium Krushers, the team members being Mr. Krishna Kumar and Natasha Monteiro, a second year student of Interior Designing Department.

Some of the tireless volunteers who made Health Fair 2011 possible. Photo by Zainab Das
Free health checks ups by expert doctors took place in the classrooms. Blood pressure and blood sugar levels tests were conducted along with the osteoporosis (bone density) test. The next day on 12th April, free eye, dental and general consultation checkups were also conducted benefitting many students, staff and faculty members.
Christine, a student getting an eye check up at Health Fair 2011.  Photo by Zainab Das
Dr. Stuti Mishea gave a lecture on common gynecological disorders. This was followed in the end by a ‘Fruit Carving’ competition and an events and games session which rounded off the program in style. All students were treated to a deluge of complimentary fruit juices, favored milk and healthy snacks by generous sponsors. 

Faculty members of the Department of Biotechnology and students listening in on the sessions.  Photo by Zainab Das
Ritesh Menon, a student from the Department of Business Administration said that, “The Health Fair was a good experience, something which people consider unimportant but were made to realize how important it is to take care of one’s health and how effective these checkups are.”
Health Fairs make taking care of your health look interesting and this one surely managed to carry it off.
The entrance to Health Fair 2011. Photo by Zainab Das
Report by by Zainab Das