Wednesday, April 27, 2011

B.A. Interior Design students engrossed in  the Design contest. Photo by Sakina Juzer, BA interior Design, 2nd year.
Once upon a time, architects tired over the variety of designs one could construct with a given set of constraints. Mounts of crumpled paper toppled over the trash bin in numerous attempts to create something more innovative than the past. Say goodbye to the days where architects had to manually draw designs every time the client wanted something changed. Welcome to 2011 where all you need is a computer with the required software that would simulate the variety of designs with a fixed set of factors. These were some of the topics addressed at IDEAZ 2011 to aspiring interior designers who would need to work in tandem with architects on future projects.
The annual event of the Department of Interior Design resumed on April 25 following the students’ exhibitions on the previous day. The second day was packed with seminars that demonstrated technological progress in the field of interior designing and addressed the ground realities of the work place. Students got a real taste of the industry as keynote speakers shared their experiences and explained more about their field of interest. Although the highlight of IDEAZ 2011 remain the student competitions on April 27, the seminar explored a variety of relevant topics revolving around interior designing. Mr. Ashok Iyer, Chairperson, Dept. of Interior Design addressed his students at the opening ceremony and paved the way for the invited speakers.
Mr. Vivek Kale explores the integration of technology and design. Photo by Ayesha Akbar Ali
Ms. Lael Isakolu, Design Director at Design Work Portfolio, addressed the transition from college to workplace and how to cope with the change. She spoke about what the students could expect from their employer. Mohammad Tariq, a first year B.A. Interior Design student considered Ms. Lael Isakolu interesting and lively as “she spoke about team structures at work place and organisational abilities. It was something everyone could relate to” Another speaker, Anish Jagtiani, CEO of Empowering Leaders, explained the significance of motivation and setting goals right after graduation, since students can get distracted easily.
Vivek Kale, Industry Consultant for Bentley Systems explained the current integration of design with technology. Mr. Kale presented the simulation of a building design using software: Generative Components. He demonstrated how the program functions and how essential it has become in the 21st century “No need to sketch and wait”, he claimed it to be “Material performance in computational design which results in amazing output” Students were also exposed to the influence of nature on architectural design, aka Biomimicry. Later on Mr. Kale explained the latest software being utilised in architecture, BIM (Building Information Model) which has drastically reduced costs and uses a model centric approach compared to a plan or structure centric approach.
Ms. Neelanchana Shobakumar, a recent graduate from M.A. Interior Design, Manipal University received a very warm welcome from her former department. She discussed her various projects from work including the competition where her company won the opportunity to design Google’s office (Yes, the one in Dubai). She emphasized that Interior Design wasn’t just about the right design combined with the right colours but also taking the client’s traits into consideration. On an emotional note, she admitted being encouraged by her Chairperson Ashok Iyer to continue her Masters while working full-time. And although it wasn’t a piece of cake, she confessed the uncomfortable efforts had showed results later on. “So when he asks something of you, even if it’s hard, do it” she concluded. She was glad to be back on campus and shared nostalgic moments with the faculty and present students.
The show went on at the Interior Design studio where first and second year B.A. Interior Design students had gathered to participate for the design contest. Each team, of four members had to construct a useful item out of waste materials. The teams enjoyed the challenge and although they didn’t turn out to be perfect as intended, they were the seeds of executed imagination. Results of the contest will be announced on Thursday April 28.
The third day of IDEAZ had an interactive session with Shalaka Paradkar, Deputy Editor at Motivate Publishing about iconic expressions. Ms Bhakti More, faculty of Dept of Interior Design stated, “Her exploration of overused ‘iconic’ Expressions was an interesting blend of examples from the world of Design & Advertisements” Few more seminars were held by Mr K. Anbalagan, MEP consultant at Proleed Consultants, Ms. Mallika Nair & Mr Firdaus Irani, from Al Gurg Office Furniture and Sabir Haque, Sr. Lecturer from the Dept. of Media and Communications. 

Invited guests, faculty and students listen intently as the seminar progresses. Photo by Ayesha Akbar Ali
The lectures were followed by an academic excellence awards ceremony for students and faculty and presentation of M.A. Interior Design students’ research papers. 
IDEAZ 2011 will continue with exciting games on April 27 and conclude with the farewell organised for the final year Interior Design students on Thursday.

Report by Ayesha Akbar Ali