Monday, April 4, 2011

The final year sports team. Photo by Luvlyn Prem Ratnam
Girl power excelling in sports was on display at the Inter-Year Sports Competition at Manipal University Dubai in Basketball, Volleyball and Throw ball.

Matches were held in the various games amongst the final year and the second year students of Manipal University Dubai on two consecutive Saturdays, 19th March and 26th March 2011. The basketball and volleyball match took place on 19th March with the third year students winning against the second years in both games. However the tables turned the next Saturday on 26th March where the second years beat their seniors in the Throw ball match.

Klarissa Crasto, captain of the third year’s team said, “The basketball match was a really competitive one, and we were only six of us against nine of our juniors. But I feel really happy that we still managed to play very well and we won. The match seemed unwinnable at some points, but despite that, we still won. Our strategies worked and our main goal was to think and play the game effectively, without taking any stress.”

Nabila Sharani, captain of the Second years basketball team, said, “We tried to put up a good fight in basketball, and we lost only by three points. We won the throw ball match though, and we were very happy as it was very unexpected.”

The team members for the basketball and volleyball match in the third years were: Kamsin, Klarissa, Maryam, Sahiti, Samantha and Zainab. In the second years, there were: Aanchal, Donna, Kay, Luvlyn, Nabila, Natasha, Natasha A., Reshma, Yelanska. Hani and Nikitha joined in for volleyball.

The second year sports team. Photo by Zainab Das
The team members for the throw ball match in the third years were: Hemal, Radhika, Rachel, Samantha, Maryam, Klarissa, Jaseena, Heena, Sahiti. In the second years, there were Aanchal, Donna, Hani, Kay, Nabila, Nikhita, Sahiba, Yelanska.

Mr. N. Krishnakumar, the Facilities Manager of Manipal University Dubai and also an experienced sports coach said, “It is a very proud and encouraging feeling, to see my students are actively involved in sports. Their healthy competitive spirit is extremely motivating to me as a coach. What we are striving at is that ‘sports’ becomes an integral part of student’s lives and they must be given the opportunity to exhibit their talents.”

Report by Zainab Das