Wednesday, April 6, 2011

(By Rebecca Pereira, Journalism Student, Dept of Media and Communications, Manipal University Dubai - Published: April 6, 2011 in Gulf News).

Picture by Rebecca Pereira.   
Dilapidated structures in Karama pose threat to residents and passersby

    Staff Report
    Published: 00:00 April 6, 2011
    Gulf News

Several buildings in Karama are in need of urgent repairs, according to Gulf News reader Rebecca Pereira.

She writes: “I have been a resident of Karama for the past five years. Certain buildings in the area are in a bad state — iron rods can be seen sticking out of the concrete in some structures.

“Several buildings in the area, like the one I photographed, are around 30 years old. They may be well maintained for many years, but have one major problem — the cement is falling off.

“This can be dangerous to people staying in and around the buildings as it may hurt passersby. “I request the authorities to look into the matter and see to it that proper maintenance and reinforcement is undertaken.”

The reader is a student of Manipal University, Dubai