Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Students of Manipal University donating blood. Photo by Sonam Bhoneshwar
It is surprising despite being technologically savvy and with easy access to information, many students do not realize the importance of donating blood. It is important that individuals are made aware of the benefits of donating blood which in turn motivate many and in turn help save lives. 

Blood is the essence of life and most required during life saving surgeries, for victims of accidents and medical conditions where they have lost a lot of blood which needs to be replaced. Due to the lack of understanding, it is difficult to find willing donors and the right blood groups which could mean the difference between life and death for some one. 

An initiative to spread awareness and help patients in need of blood was taken up by the Department of Biotechnology, Manipal University, Dubai.

An active student donor. Photo by Sonam Bhoneshwar
Ms. Renuka Seenivasan, Sr. Lecturer, Department of Biotechnology, cooperated with the final year students towards organizing the 11th Blood Donation Drive in association with Al- Wasl Hospital. It event took place on 3rd and 4th of April, 2011 in the Manipal University Auditorium. All the students and faculties actively participated in the noble cause.
"The event welcomed over 300 registrations and 187 donors over the two days. The blood donated is stored at the Al-Wasl Blood Bank. From here, the blood goes on to save the lives of many or to aid critical care of patients. 

The donors were in good hands as professional nurses and medical technicians were present, aided by the student volunteers from the B.Sc Biotechnology program,” says, Ms. Renuka Seenivasan. Refreshments were provided for the donors to avoid the dizziness caused after donating blood.

Dr. Ahmed Shams said, “Majority of donors are scared for the first time when donating blood, but eventually they get used to it. The blood collected is majorly donated to people with Thalassemia who comprise of 700 patients. Furthermore, it is also given to patients of Rashid Hospital in case of any deficiencies."
Although many people have a fear of donating blood, it is nothing but just a prick that can save someone's life. Join hands to make a difference in the society and stand out to help out.

Report by: Sonam Bhoneshwar

Imsha De'silva, final year student of Dept. of Biotechnology serving refreshments to the donors. Photo by Sonam Bhoneshwar


Unknown said...

I think it is great sacrifice for save lives of people whose are in mouth of death and lake of blood.That is big passion there.
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