Sunday, May 15, 2011

(By Zainab Das, Journalism Student, Dept of Media and Communications, Manipal University Dubai - Published: May15, 2011 in Gulf News).

A gaping hole in the bus stop area at Dubai International Academic City is documented by Gulf News reader Zainab Das who says, “Manholes being left open are a reason for concern”. Image Credit: Zainab Das
Gulf News reader calls attention to hazards that endanger youngsters at Academic City.
  • Text and Picture By Zainab Das,
  • Published: 00:00 May 15, 2011
We are usually cautioned about many major hazards but actually it is the minor ones that prove to be more dangerous.

Watch your step; you could walk into a manhole!

Many people fail to notice manholes that are in their way and the implications of this are tremendous.

I have noticed quite a few of these drains being left open in many parts of Dubai. The photograph I clicked was in the bus stop area at Dubai International Academic City (Diac), where a majority of the students are present during dismissal time.

Youngsters can get careless at times and these manholes can even become life-threatening.

Manholes being left open are a reason for concern. Having a personal fear of this myself, I urge the municipality and other respective authorities to look into this matter urgently and get them covered at the earliest. I also request people to be careful, as the drains are sometimes unnoticeable and if anyone ever spots any manhole left open, please bring it to the notice of the authorities immediately.

You never know, your one act of alertness can make a difference and help save many lives.

— The reader is a student of Manipal University, Dubai