Saturday, October 8, 2011

Enter the realms of the Potter world. Screenshot of

Fans worldwide awaited the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 but as the movie ended, the fans experienced a part of their childhood drifting away.

As the fans didn’t let go, so couldn’t J.K. Rowling and the plausible make-believe world of Harry Potter found a way to last forever.

Pottermore is currently accessible by one million people users who registered through The Magical Quill Challenge. When the site is launched, it lets the visitors to explore the story of Harry Potter. The lucky million have their share of potter magic; according to Pottermore Insider (official Pottermore blog) those not a member of Beta will be able to register by the end of October.

Hileri Bilakhia a first year media student at Manipal University, Dubai shares her reaction when she saw her Pottermore email “When I finally got my Pottermore mail, I couldn't help but spend all night on the site exploring the graphics and reading up on new and exclusive content from J.K. Rowling! The Harry Potter series has been an integral part of my childhood and since I've practically grown up with Harry, getting a chance to relive his Hogwarts' experience by getting sorted into a house, learning to cast spells and brew potions is like a feast for me!”

Fans all over the world awaited their mails, those who finally got in definitely make the other Harry Potter buffs jealous. 

Anzuma Akther, a third year media student says “Pottermore is like a huge encyclopaedia for the world of Harry Potter. Currently in the Beta version, you can read the first two books only, but it's still thrilling to know all the small bits of information. Did you know Minerva McGonagall was married to a colleague in the Ministry, when she used to work there? Fun right? You also have the pleasure to experience the whole excitement of getting your first welcome mail, your first bank account, your school supplies, your first wand, and even sorting into the one of the Houses at Hogwarts! Being among the chosen million to try out the Beta site, it's totally something I can brag about!”

The nitty-gritty’s of the website’s content is a well-deserved souvenir for passionate fans all around the world. Soon to be accessible for all, Pottermore has raging fans waiting to enter their world of Pottermore.

Until then let’s just keep chanting Alohomora...

Report by Heena Makhijani