Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bus stops have no enclosed waiting stands or shades for users in Dubai International Academic City
Photo by Fatema Khoka

Students at Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) depend on their chosen modes of transport to get to and from university. Among them buses prove popular as they are efficient with time, ease of access and most importantly feasible moneywise. Even though some students enjoy the luxury of a car, there are many who prefer using services provided by the Road and Transport Authority (RTA).

One can catch a bus in the city after every 20 minutes waiting in the air conditioned bus stop - stay cool while waiting and then jump into an air conditioned bus for a ride. But what about bus stops outside city?

RTA does provide with bus stops in the outskirts of Dubai but with the vaporizing heat, RTA has not looked into having air-conditioned bus stops for places like Academic City which is almost in the midst of nowhere. The bus arrives after every 30-45 minutes and waiting in the heat is dehydrating. Bus users can only urge authorities to arrange provisions for air-conditioned bus stops outside the city as soon as possible.

Moreover, now that Manipal University, Dubai has relocated to new grounds, we kindly request the RTA to plan a bus route and built a bus stop outside our campus, as the nearest bus stop is 720m, outside BITS Pilani College. 

Report by Fatema Khoka