Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Classified-Poster of the mini-series streamed on MBC

A mini-series is an extended film; it has a limited number of episodes, a set plot and time line. This is exactly what Emirati director Ali Mostafa known for his hugely successful movie ‘City of Life’ has created with his new project, an online mini-series, called Classified.

Seeing Ali Mostafa’s next production up and running undoubtedly makes fans twinge with excitement. This mini-series is created in partnership with MBC Group and in association with BoomTown Productions and Filmworks. It was premiered online on September 28.

The interesting part about Classified is that it is featured online. Since the Internet is available to a large number of audiences, the show is accessible by many. Ali Mostafa has used the intricacies of this medium to his advantage targeting Smartphone users to computer maniacs.

As the tag line suggests ‘What you know can harm you and what you don’t, is Classified’. Classified is an action-packed drama that unfolds a mystery in each of the five episodes as the protagonist (Adam) runs from his enemies in hope to find his lost mother who he thought was dead and solve the mystery of his father’s invention with the help of his two friends.

You can catch this suspense filled thriller accompanied with elements of humor on www.mbc.net/classified until till October 26.

Review by Qudsiya Siddiqui