Saturday, October 22, 2011

The International Design Exhibition 2011 hosted the first day of activities at Dubai World Trade Centre as part of the Festival of Interior Design. The event comprises of three different sessions; workshops, exhibitions and a student challenge competition. The Student Challenge is an excellent opportunity for the upcoming design students in the Middle East and North African region to show off and experiment with their designing skills and knowledge.   

Students in action at the INDEX 2011 Student Challenge
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The competition consists of eight teams representing various universities, including Ajman University of Science and Technology, Manipal University, Zayed University, University of Sharjah, American University of Sharjah, Abu Dhabi University, Al Ghurair University and American University of Dubai.
Students from AUS working on their intoduction challenge 
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The event started off by briefing the participating teams on the schedule of the day to day activities. Following this session, the first task of decorating the box containing the materials needed for the competition was announced. The duration of this task was 10 minutes. The concept of their design was to be explained by one of the team members for 30 seconds, right after the decoration was finalized.

The main objective behind this is not only to encourage students to take part in these competitions and showcase their creative abilities, but also to bring out the “wow factor” by using recycled and minimum materials as possible.

The team from Ajman University of Science and Technology calls their project the ‘Smart Sofa’. The main aim of the students is to make a comfortable sofa by using the inner parts of the computer for the designing, while using the outer parts for the structuring. Along with this, they intend on making various additional possessions to the model.

Students from Manipal University make a low rise chair using only foam
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In direct competition with the Ajman University of Science and Technology, Manipal University students are also making a sofa out of foam bottle liners.  The project has been named as ‘F.I.S.T.T’ that symbolizes their main concept - maintaining a bonding force with the help of these liners.

The team from Zayed University has named their project as ‘EPS Evolution’. As the name goes, the students are creating lamp shades by using cheap polystyrene.  This material is seen around cafeterias in which food is served.

The students from the University of Sharjah are making a suitcase couch, which is mainly made out of recycle fabrics and materials, plastics, sponge and various other items. They have named their project as ‘Sanctuary’, indicating the need certain things in our day to day activities and which are part of our lifestyle.

Ropes being used by the students of AUD for their introduction challenge
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The team from American University of Sharjah has named their project ‘Haptic’. Their main aim is to create a light fixture out of used CDs and showcasing the shadow of other things through this design.

The students of Abu Dhabi University have named their project as ‘EPS Wall Panel’. Their aim is to create wall panels by using foam boards.

Students of Al Ghurair University introduce us to the world of plastics
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In parallel competition with Abu Dhabi University, Al Ghurair University project is of a similar concept which has been named ‘Plastic Mozaic’. The aim of the students from this University is to make wall panels on bandage with the help of plastic bottles.

Lastly, the students of American University of Dubai have named their project as ‘Incessant’, where they will showcase their creativity by making furniture out of ropes.

The participants are into the competition, expressing enthusiasm and are ready to create their innovation for their final display that will be judged on Tuesday, 25th October 2011. 

Report by Christine Marie Cherian
Edited by Maria Hussain
Photos by Nazia Fatma and Zainab Akbarali