Monday, October 17, 2011

A dream of every young woman is to be famous and well known, not just among friends and family, but also to be known in her country. For the lucky few, this dream may come true while others may have to wait till the time is right or perhaps their fate may not be in their favor. Taking part in beauty pageants is one such dream. For this it is extremely essential to have the complete support of the family, as that is what matters the most and gives a woman the complete confidence she needs.

Sanjana Kumar, who completed her Bachelors in Business Administration from Manipal University, Dubai recently took part in the Miss Kerala Pageant 2011 held in Cochin, Kerala. ‘A definitely dream come true moment’; she has made her friends and family proud by winning the title of ‘Miss Beautiful Eyes’.

Ms.Sanjana Kumar, ex-student of Manipal University, Dubai wins Miss Beautiful Eyes, Miss Kerala 2011 

Entering the competition was completely her mother’s wish. “My mother was always very particular that her daughters become famous, and my sister did not want to take part, so they both encouraged me to go for this, as they knew my capability”, she said.

The auditions were held in Dubai, and she was one among the four shortlisted for the competition.  For Sanjana, her father’s support meant a lot. “My dad was extremely supportive of me taking part in this competition. This was a good way for me to get more exposure”, she said.

Sanjana talks about her sister as a role model. “My sister loves photography. She has already done three portfolios, including one with me.”

Miss Kumar makes it to the Top 10 at Miss Kerala 2011
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Winning a title or coming under the ‘Top 10’ is definitely a dream come true and when asked whether she expected either of them, she replied, “I was confident that I would come under the Top 10”.

“The first day I arrived, people kept saying that I would win the title of ‘Beautiful Eyes’. I never let that get to me or raise my hopes, as I didn’t want to jinx the situation. Although when the time came, I was extremely happy to win it.”

Sanjana has received offers to take part in Miss South India, as well anchoring a show in Kerala. But all these require a lot of commitment but she prefers to complete her CA course and join a highly reputed Audit Organization. She would like to try her hand in modeling later in life.

Lastly, she shares an important lesson that she learns from this experience and that is to never say ‘no’ to anything. “Take up the challenge and prove that you are able to do it. Doing this will not only boost your self confidence, but you will also learn new things and change your perspective in life.”

Report by Christine Marie Cherian