Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today the last round of seminars at INDEX 2011 among them was a talk ‘International Interior Trends 2012/13’. The seminar was conducted by two speakers, Ms. Victoria Redshaw, the Managing Director of Scarlet Opus Limited in the U.K. and Ms. Shelly Pond, her partner who is based in Dubai, working for the same company.

Scarlet Opus is a U.K. based company that does Trend Forecasting extensively. “ As a trend forecaster, I work with manufacturers, product designers, retailers, interior designers and the media, informing them of the coming trends for the world of interiors and answering their questions about wants, needs and desires of consumers  one to two years in the future”, says Victoria. 

As the speakers stated, the trend forecasting process is similar in all areas and so the methods might be a little repetitive but again considering the interior aspect of it, Victoria also mentioned that, “in interiors the trends are slower and they also evolve and transition slowly from season to season”. Indeed what we see this year might not be available in stores the next, because trends keep changing.

Shelly Pond, the Dubai based Employee of Scarlet Opus interacting with the audience.
Shelly and Victoria brushed through five trends that we saw at INDEX this year. Beginning with the concept of trend forecasting and then introducing five very different types of trends, like the calm and peaceful trend, the vibrant and fusion trend or the rigorous design trend, they explained in a very creative way as to what are the reasons for the constant change in trends. “It could be a natural calamity, or someone’s death or a terrorist attack, any such thing sometimes cannot be forecasted by us and therefore it usually leads to a negative change in trends”, clarified Victoria while telling the audience about the work done by the forecasters.

The listeners were engrossed as both the speakers took turns to show and explain each trend and how it reflects in the interior world by giving examples from furniture items picked at INDEX.

Victoria Redshaw the owner of Scarlet Opus, a trend forcasting Company hosting the workshop at Index 2011. Photos by Fatima Layeek.

Victoria also mentioned that whatever happens in the fashion world, slowly seeps into the interiors, when asked how it actually happens, she replied, “the whole process of picking the furniture or choosing a color is mainly influenced by what the consumer sees. I mean, usually if a woman likes something she wears, then she would definitely love to have it in her home.  Some designers see patterns or prints on the catwalk and maybe 6 or 7 months later it comes at the interior designers shop. According to a research in America, 80% of the decisions of what comes into the house are made by the women, and just 20% by the men.”

At the end of the seminar, everybody received a style guide that would navigate the audience straight to the ‘must see’ exhibitors at INDEX. 

Report by Zainab Akbarali
Edited by Fathima Layeek