Sunday, October 23, 2011

Eight universities across the Emirates have qualified for the Student Challenge at INDEX 2011. Day two into the challenge, students from all eight teams have been busy putting together their designs under this year's theme, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”  where they have to  "identify regional materials that have been written off as waste and propose their reuse within an interior design application". 

This feature is the first installment that introduces you to the four of the eight teams participating as they share their ideas, aims and challenges they face in this competition.

Team Haptic, American University Of Sharjah
(Left to right) - Yomna, Renad, Alia, Eman, Marah, Reshma, Rima and Farah

American University of Sharjah has named their design ‘Haptic’, which means a "sense of touch". Their core idea of their design is to create a the exoskeleton of a lamp with recycled CDs. The eight participants find the experience amazing so far and are considering about entering into likewise competitions as they have entered into a competition like this for the first time. Winning this competition would instill pride within their professors and the university itself.

Team EPS Wall Panel, University of Abu Dhabi
(Left to Right) Sally, Haneen, Shereen, Mina, Nada, Dania, Dana, Maha.

The project by the Abu Dhabi University is ‘EPS Wall Panel’, made of foam which is called EPS. The idea is of reusing the EPS foam to create wall panels in any shape and size, through using used foam and some binding agents. The team decided to use this because the foam is not very environment friendly so the need to reuse this material is essential  and they hope their design makes that possible. Their university has participated before, but for them it’s a first time in a competition like this.  "Fun, amazing, challenging and a change from the everyday college routine" is what this competition has been for them. 

“If we win we will be very happy and display our winning piece in the university as it will be a pride to win for the university”, is what the team member Shereen says.

Team Sanctuary, University of Sharjah
(Left to right) Duaa, Hiba, Bayan, Reema, Reem Ziyad, Zenab.
The University of Sharjah has named their project ‘Sanctuary’. They have created a sofa in a suitcase made of fabrics which will serve as a cushion. 

“It’s a representation of our lifestyle because we all like to travel and shop, so it actually represents us”, said a member of the team. They intend to communicate that useful things can be made by using unusual materials. The event has given them a platform to compete with different universities and showcase their talent.

Team F.I.S.T.T, Manipal University
(Left to Right) Sakina, Franzita, Tasnee, Shazia, Jamila, Insia and Tooba.

The team from Manipal University, Dubai has named their project as ‘F.I.S.T.T.’ as they emphasize the bond they have as a team. They are in the process of creating a chair out of caps of the water gallons and taken foams from them in bulk. The main concept is of taking culture as an example and show them intertwining. For some of them it is the second time into a competition and for the rest of them it’s a very good experience and they feel lucky to get such an opportunity. The prize and the prestige of this design competition is a great motivator for them to work hard and add to their professional career and experience. 

Report by Nazia Fatma
Photographs by Maria Hussain
Editor by Christine Marie Cherian