Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mr. Joseph John Nalloor, Senior Professor and newly appointed Chairperson of the Media and Communications department at Manipal University, Dubai has been associated with the educational institution since the inception of its media department in 2005.

He describes his experience as an enriching and fulfilling one and beams at the realization that he’s currently teaching his seventh batch of students.

When asked how Manipal University, Dubai has grown over the years, he proudly says, “The growth has definitely been phenomenal. We started small in Knowledge Village and have gradually grown over the years under the able guidance and leadership of  the Director of the University, Dr. B. Ramjee.”

“Right now, our new campus has large spacious multimedia labs, a news room, well-equipped editing bays, sound recording facility, post-production rooms and  one of the largest state of the art TV Studio for an educational institution.”

He credits the growth of the media department to the past and present faculty members  and chairpersons who have contributed to it immensely, namely  Dr. R.N. Shukul, Dr. Md. Firoz, Ms. H.S Shubha, Mr. Sabir Haque, Mr. Sanjay Nair, Ms. Radhika Jesudason, Mr. Sambhram Pattanayak, Ms. Fokiya Akhtar, Mr. S. Manikandan, Ms. Seema Nair and a host of guest lecturers from the media industry. He also adds that the design  of each of the  new media facilities were individually designed by Dr. R. N. Shukul.

 “We are looking to establish ourselves as the leading media education providers. I want to add value to the education we provide rather than improvements,” said Mr. Nalloor as he elucidated on the changes that he hopes to achieve with his current position.

“Networking is the key to being a successful media person, for media is a vibrant, full of life field and the department reflects the same,” said Mr. Nalloor as he has always tried to support and encourage his students to keep abreast of what is happening in the media industry and grab every potential opportunity that comes their way to gain a better understanding of how things work in the real world. 

Mr. Nalloor expects his students to adapt to the ever evolving social media and continually develop new skills. The Chairperson also believes that with the right mix of sincerity, dedication, commitment and hard work, there is noting to stop  students  from succeeding .

We would like to congratulate Mr. Nalloor on his new post and wish him best of luck in his future endeavors. 

Report by Qudsiya Siddiqui