Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mr. Nathan Savage inspiring our lives with his presentation on ‘see the world in a new light’
Photo by Fatema Khoka

Nathan Savage, an independent lighting consultant gave a workshop on talk innovation ‘see the world in a new light’. He initiated his presentation on the effects of daylight on human beings explaining the importance of the sun to the earth life and its influences in moods and behavior of different species on the planet. Using North America as an example, he stated some statistical data that showed the depression rates being high in that part of the world because of low access to natural light.

Abu Dhabi is also going through a major change. A new project of building an environmental city, titled ‘Mazdar’ will make a breakthrough in UAE by lighting the town with sunlight. This daylight is obtained through sun-pipes which is a relatively a new concept for the Middle East. Mr. Nathan also suggested the possibility of keeping the crowd in for a longer duration of time, as the benefits of sustainable light are: increase in the production of blood cells, thereby keeping the body more active. This particular point made the idea more viable commercially.

Not to forget how budgets will take an extensive hike with this inception, Mr. Nathan dictated smaller yet tangible steps in adapting this change in our daily lives. Like how in developing countries people use old bottles filled with chlorine, fitting it into the dwellings roof so when the light hits the bottle packed with chlorine it would illuminate the entire room. It’s a small step, but crucial nonetheless.  

The highlight of the workshop was his juxtaposition of good versus bad lighting. He did not want the budding designers to learn from the best, but also understand the repercussions of worst. He used historical anecdotes, modern prototypes, and real venture specimens to keep the workshop informative and learning.   

Written by Fatema Khokha and Heena Makhijani
Edited by Heena Makhijani