Monday, October 3, 2011

Manipal University, Dubai kick-starts into a new academic year and this isn’t any ordinary year as the university opens its doors to students at the new 750,000 sq.ft campus which has been relocated in the surrounding area of Dubai International Academic City. 

The sprawling campus boasts of three spacious blocks, a wide-spaced parking lot, a multipurpose student gym, basketball court, and many more indoor/outdoor facilities and an auditorium with a capacity to seat more than 5,000 people all spread within the two buildings located in the campus.

“This is just the beginning we have more facilities for you coming up in the next few weeks, but I request students to take care of the equipment” said Uma Prasad, Student Services Officer.

Photographs of our new and permanent campus, Manipal University, Dubai
Photos by the Department of Media and Communications, Rabab Kazi and Qudsiya Siddiqui

The Manipal campus bears a number of state-of-the-art laboratories fully equipped for its students under the umbrella of Bachelor, post-graduate and doctorate degrees like Biotechnology, Engineering to Media, Fashion and Interior Design.

Another vital facility is the Library which has become more than just rows of books lined up on the shelves; a discussion room is available which caters to group study needs and also an audio-visual room that possesses the vast and latest collection of DVDs with comfortable seating arrangements for students. There’s more to it, the library also offers an online database system that gives students more sources to gather knowledge for assignments and projects. In addition to the many volumes of books already available, WiFi will be easily provided for all within a month’s time.

Our new campus also has its very own Canteen which offers a variety of foods. It is reported that more food counters shall open soon, catering to various preferential needs of students and faculty. The grocery store is near completion as well. Ms. Uma said, “I want all the students to enjoy and benefit from the facilities to the maximum as there aren’t any more space restrictions and more activities will be introduced soon.”

Old and new students have been thrilled since the opening of the campus, here are their views:

Mahira Jared, 1st Year B. A. Media & Communications said, “The new campus looks amazing, especially the Media Department. With the wide-range of the best equipments available to us, this new-campus definitely promises opportunities to us in the coming years.”

Siddhi Panth, currently in her 2nd Year of Biotechnology said, “Since the news about the development of the new campus was all around last year, I have been very eager and excited for the opening of this campus.  A barren piece of land completely transformed into this beautiful building and an amazing infrastructure offered for us, students. I love it here.”

Fatema Fahim, pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design said, “My course requires students to have a big place to spread out their designing work and this new-campus offers just that, with spacious and open classrooms.”

Graduating this year, Maria Adnan Doriwala thinks many of her friends graduated in the wrong year, “It would have been a fantastic opportunity to be a part of one of Manipal's milestones. Everything about the new campus is bigger and definitely better.”

Report by Qudsiya Siddiqui and Rabab Kazi


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