Saturday, October 22, 2011

Travelling on the Dubai Metro somehow isn’t just ‘travelling’. You meet people from different countries, make new friends, and maybe even catch up with the ones you haven’t seen in ages. From running towards an empty seat to being careful about not chewing gum or drinking water, the Dubai Metro is an experience worth taking.

One of the latest additions to the Dubai Metro is the opening of the Green Line and a little something to accompany you while on the metro is their latest publication, named ‘Read’.

An English weekly magazine, Read is divided into a variety of sections easily catering to a diverse readership that’s always on the move. The magazine includes sections such as Review, People, The City, Life, You and RTA News. From dining to fashion to the latest gadgets, cars and technology, Read has a lot to offer on your ride through the city.

If you’re looking forward to a fun weekend, the magazine fills you in with the latest and upcoming events on nightlife, music and the arts. For the sports lovers, weekly updates from the sports world and information on health and well-being is provided. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without updates from the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) for the public.

Read focuses on light topics, something to engage you in, after a tiring day or maybe just to wake you up from an early morning daze.

Report By Samiha S. Naaz