Saturday, October 22, 2011

Residents of Dubai have filed complaints over increased water and electricity bills within the past few months. The reason behind this remains unknown though some tenants say that it could be faulty reading done by the staff of DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority). 

According to Gulf News, the government officials who said residents are extraordinary high should first check wastage in their homes before blaming utility meters or wrong consumption readings.

Grace, a tenant who resides in Deira said, “For the past few months I have noticed that my water and electricity bills have increased, my husband and children leave for work and school in the morning itself and I leave around 10 am for work. So there is nobody else left at home and we return back in the evening, so if you see there is less consumption of the utilities and yet the bill comes up to above AED 1000 plus. I feel there has to be some mistake in the reading of the meter.”

Another resident, R.K, adds “the increase of charges made by the DEWA seems faulty, I live alone, I barely have any electronics at home all. I own is a television set, a fridge and washing machine. I don’t even wash on a daily basis. And I work a 12 hour shift, so I barely stay at home, what confuses me is how come there is a rise in my DEWA bill?”

 Many other tenants have similar complaints to make. As students, we too should be aware of how much of water and electricity we are consuming and if ever in doubt call or visit the DEWA office to ensure that your bill is as per your usage.

Report by Mary Joy