Sunday, October 23, 2011

 Jordi Milano enlightens attendees on  the value of design and furniture design  in today

Rethinking design, a day two workshop hosted by Mr. Jordi Barcelona, owner of Jordi Mila Barcelona organization that produces world class furnishing products.

Mr. Mila briefed his audience on how he resorted to thinking in terms of value whilst creating his masterpieces, originally from Barcelona. He commended the architectural modernization back home branding them, timeless while sharing his idea of constructing his variety of furnishings and fittings came from nature.

According to Mr. Mila functionality, quality, material and proportion are the most important elements that govern the process of furniture making. For him, design is another aspect that is considered very essential as meaningful designs help create emotional link between the product and the consumer.

"The Wisdom Tree": Inspired by a tree and created  into a bookshelf
Furniture Designed By Jordi Milano
Photo by Fatema Khoka

One such creation by the Jordi Mila Barcelona organization is “The Wisdom tree” a unique book shelf designed in the shape of a growing tree, the notion behind the design of this book shelf is the concept of growing knowledge. This book shelf has had immense response from the audience this year in line with Mr. Mila.

Another creation by the company is a digitally inspired balancing lamp; its design is a perfect combination of balance and proportion. The exclusive lamp has a rounded bottom, so when slightly tapped the lamp moves to and fro, without falling over.

Other products include light weighted and resilient lounge chairs, plywood benches made of plywood with textures that create a feel of warmth and strength, and a light lamp with four different lighting effects.

Through all these exemplary products Jordi Mila Barcelona strives to provide a wide range of choices to its customers that is value for their money.  

Report by Fathima Layeek