Friday, October 28, 2011

Safety is important to any person whether he is young, old or middle aged.

Safety is as easy as keeping someone safe or protected from mishaps. The best way to do that is to be aware of these mishaps and take steps to prevent them. We as adults have learned to take care of ourselves. 

On the other hand, young children are still learning and need to be told what is hazardous and what to stay away from. Nonetheless after repeatedly informing them of the dangers, it still fascinates them to go about exploring, till they get the end result. The outcome can either turn out extremely harsh, or it can leave a mark on the child not to repeat it again. So it is better to avoid these unnecessary circumstances and make sure that children lead a happy, healthy and safe childhood.

This blogpost highlights this issue as recently, there have been a few tragedies where young children are reported to have been killed due to the lack of vigilance by parents. It is devastating to read such shocking news about these accidents, and to imagine the mental trauma the family has to go through each day. 

One such tragedy which not only disturbed the family, but also the readers and neighbors is the death of the 5 year old boy and his mother. We saw how the mother had left her son unattended in the morning hours while waiting with her daughter for her school bus and her son fall to his death. Followed by this, the mother jumped to her own death due to the shock of her son’s death. The entire proceedings were seen by the agape 15 year old daughter.

Parents should ensure that their children (under the age of 10 - 12) are not left unattended. Siblings, who are above the age of 13, should take up the responsibility of the younger ones whenever parents are not around.

It is extremely important for us adults also to know the various safety precautions needed to be taken during any emergency. One shouldn’t have a preconceived notion that they know what is to be done, as kids are constantly exploring and will be unable to act quickly in times of peril. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every parent to educate their children, and also themselves. As young adults, let’s practice being safe and keeping others around us safe and secure too.

Report by Christine Marie Cherian