Monday, October 17, 2011

On Thursday, October 13th, Manipal University, Dubai was dressed in pink as staff and students supported the initiative to create breast cancer awareness.

The event was organized by the Department of Media and Communications as it aimed to instill awareness among students and staff by hosting a short series of activities coupled with the distribution and wearing of traditional pink ribbons to raise awareness about this disease. Also, supporters were photographed as they posed next to allocated photo-wall.

Giving away pink ribbons to support  a cause

All staff and students wear pink and white to show their support and create awareness 

Students and staff attend special breast cancer awareness seminar

This was followed by a only-women seminar held by general obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Sreelatha Gopalkrishnan from Amber Clinics, a local health facility. The specialist provided an insight into the disease, its symptoms and its prevention. Students and staff gleaned knowledge from the doctor’s words who said, “Life is easier without Breast Cancer, let’s keep it that way”. The seminar highlighted the basic causes and how knowing about it can help save lives, if not your own others around you.

After the seminar, the event hosted a special screening of a documentary drama, “A One Minute” directed by Indian and American actress, Namrata Singh Gujral. The film chronicles the diagnosis and treatment of a breast cancer survivor, interspersed with personal tales from famous international celebrities who are also survivors, or affected closely by cancer.

                                                              Click here to view trailer

The event hoped to pass this crucial information to students and urged them to let others around them be alert, have regular health checkups and ensure that the fear of this information does not stop us from making the best use of it. So be healthy, be happy and be aware because prevention as they say is better than cure. Let’s join hands and beat this disease and not let it beat us!

Report by Rabab Kazi
Photos by Nazia Fatma, Zainab Yusuf and Luvlyn Prem