Monday, October 24, 2011

With curiosity arousing within themselves, the participants from all the eight universities stand by to welcome comments and criticism related to the model they’ve been designing for the past two days.

Visitors include people from the media industry as well as other fields. Also present were the sixth form students of Sharjah English School. The guests inquisitively enquired about the models designed by each university, pleased by their comments and views, the participants seemed quite encouraged with their visits.

Intake of annotations

Students of Manipal University were delighted with the comments that they got. According to them, the visitors were fascinated with their design ‘F.I.S.T.T’ and wanted to know if they are ready to sell it. The students also said that people from the media industry exchanged numbers and offered them business cards in order to allow publication in magazines. They are, however, still in the process of deciding their individual costing.

Ajman University of Science and Technology greeted people, who were surprised to see a model made out of computer hardware stuck together. The model ‘Smart Sofa’ was liked by the visitors and students received four business cards.

Visitors enquiring about the model 'EPS Evolution' designed by Zayed University Students

People passed on positive comments for ‘EPS Evolution’, designed by the students of Zayed University. For them, it was quite appalling to see a fragile material being transformed into something so strong.

Visitors having group discussion along with the students of American University of Dubai 

Furthermore, many loved the model designed by American University of Sharjah. ‘Haptic’ has been called the “exclusive one” by the visitors as they had never seen CDs bent before. Also, the response for lighting and colour combination allured the students.

Simple, yet interesting- a summarized view shared by most and best describes the model ‘Incessant Furniture’, designed by the team of American University of Dubai.

Visitors enjoy the model 'Sanctuary' designed by University of Sharjah
Photographs by Christine Marie Cherian
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University of Sharjah students received twenty business cards, with amazing inundation of comments. Their model is called ‘Sanctuary’.

With a costing of AED 190, Abu Dhabi University’s model ‘EPS Wall Panel’ got intriguing visitors, who were eager to acknowledge about the materials used to build the design.
Al Ghurair University also welcomed various guests, who were interested in their model ‘Plastic Mozaic’.

Expertise remarks

Yasmin Mohammad, a graphic designer and photographer socialized with the media team. In her words, “The competition is great. It provides students with the exposure to the outside world and gives them opportunities to showcase their inner talents.”

According to her, Manipal Students model, ‘F.I.S.T.T’ deserves a lot of appreciation, as their “concept of production is incredible and the design is good, visually as well as aesthetically.”

Sharing his views with us, we also talked to Jan D. Bakker, who belongs to the lighting industry. He was absolutely amazed by the model ‘Smart Sofa’, designed by the students of Ajman University of Science and Technology.

Testing teams available for the participants helped in the re-construction of the models as per the instruction manual. With the finalization of their costing, the students await tomorrow’s final results made by the panel judging the student challenge which will ultimately pay-off for all their hard work.

Report by Maria Hussain

Edited by Nazia Fatma