Saturday, November 19, 2011

A few members of the Al Reyami Group Interiors paid a visit to the civil engineering and interior designing students of Manipal University, Dubai on 16th November 2011 and conducted a seminar on ‘Architecture for Civil Engineers’; they offered insights in the emerging trends in engineering and explained the students about the collaboration of a new field known as ‘interior-engineer’.

Al Reyami Group is a well-established brand across the UAE and internationally based in India and China; the company specializes in construction, interiors, travel & tourism, technologies, shipping & logistics. 

Mr. Rajesh explaning the Planning Process

Mr. Rajesh Anil Mathias who has completed his masters in civil engineering is currently associated with Al Reyami Group Interiors as a General Operations Manager. He enlightened students about the works of an interior-engineer in the company, he said, “Civil engineers have no clue about interiors, so I want to create awareness about this existing bond”.

He explained with a presentation about the flooring, ceiling, wall and various other elements that require interiors of an empty space, like the fitting of electrical cables or the concept of central air conditioning. 

Mr. Mathias showcased the various on-going projects such as the Clevland Clinic at Abu Dhabi and the astounding interiors at the Meydan Hotel, Dubai completed by the Al Reyami Group.

Mr.Prakash discusses the LEED Concept

The second speaker, Mr. Prakash, a Divisonal Manager Office for Interior sales elaborated on the LEED [Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design] concept and its application.

He discussed about the major issue engulfing the world, ‘Global warming’ and how the company is playing their role to reduce the carbon foot print in the emirate, he said, “We use LED lights during our interior works as they consume less energy and give out less heat comparative to  bulbs with filaments”.

Mr. Prakash also encouraged the smart use of water by showcasing the mechanism of the rain-water being recycled to be used in the toilet flush. With his presentation he described the various personal, environmental and financial benefits a company can offer to the environment.

The surprising part for the engineering students was the discussion held towards the end by Mr. Manjnuth, HR Manager of Al Reyami Group who said, “We offered this orientation on interior-engineering so we can partner with the students at Manipal University, Dubai and will conduct interviews with the 3rd and 4th year engineering students, and choose the potential ones for our company.”

Report by Qudsiya Siddiqui
Photographs by Maria Hussain