Friday, November 18, 2011

This Thursday, the Sharjah International Book Fair had an important writer and social commenter in their midst, Shobhaa De.  Prominent Indian columnist, writer and social commenter, De has been around the writing scene for more than a decade. Her smart writing style, sharp opinion and versatility have earned her both praise and critique as she remains firm to her views regarding both national and international political, economic and especially social scenarios.

Day Two: India Focus invites prominent Indian columnist, writer and blogger Shobhaa De

According to De, the future of blogging is bright as she continues to highlight how the blogosphere acts as a “democratic space especially for a young person for self-expression and more. A blog can only get popular if people like the content and you are able to saying something different, something innovative and challenging.”

A blogger since 2008, De loves her blog and likes the space and freedom to express her views uncensored and people from all over the world can read. Moreover, as a writer she aims to reach more people and writing for her blog, helps her do that.

Book signing with Shobhaa De
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She concluded that the whole idea is to have dissenting opinions and that is the challenge of a blog. The future of blogging seems optimistic as Shobhaa De reassures everyone to take to the web to express their views.  

Shobha De will also be available on Friday, 18th November 2011 for a conversation and a book signing session at 6.30 PM and 7.30 PM respectively. 

Report by Rabab Kazi
Photographs by Fathima Layeek