Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Following up on the first semi final of the Max Talent Pride Cup, held on 13th November, Manipal University Dubai played a good game but lost the match to American University of Sharjah. 

Choosing to bat first, the American University of Sharjah made 188 runs. Chasing for a total of 189 runs, Manipal University of Dubai fell short of only 17 runs.

Manipal Dubai student, Sarubh Gir was again awarded gaining the title of ‘Man of the Match’ for his remarkable performance, scoring 85 on 55 balls, displaying amazing batting skills during the entire series.

Mohammad Ehtesham Adil , captain of the Manipal Dubai cricket team said, “It was a tough match, till the very end we didn’t know who would win, we fell short of runs towards the end, but I think it was a nail biting match and we played very well,”

“The team is looking forward to playing lots of other tournaments and everyone in the team knows their role, we have a few weaknesses and will work on it.” he added. 


American University of Sharjah: Shahzada Haris (47), Fahad Tariq (38), Arkam Aftab(36), Ankur Gopal (21) Anas Khan(5-42)

By Nazia Fatma
Manipal University Dubai: Saurabh Gir(85), Gurpreet Singh (29),Shahrukh Khan(3-28)