Thursday, November 24, 2011

A photography workshop organized by the Department of Interior Design, Manipal University Dubai on 15th December 2011. 

With professional photographer Arnold Dagdagan, students learnt the basics of photography and the knack of clicking a good photograph for it is true that a 'picture is worth a thousand words’ and every picture carries with it a story, a meaning, a purpose, a moment frozen in time, a memory and essentially an emotion.

Session with photographer, Arnold Dagdagan 
With a very casual, fun and friendly approach, Arnold started the interactive workshop with an informal chat and information on the art of photography, particularly with reference to Product, architectural and Landscape photography. Emphasizing right from the start was the importance of lighting, subject matter and concept. Arnold introduced photography as not just a still image but a “talking picture”. The session was attended by the faculty and students, and was summed up by Ms. Sarah Merchant, Adjunct faculty.

The focus of any picture is not just the main subject matter, but the additives and accessories that need to be used to create a concept-a story that will finally put together the desired image output, all without any external computer aided tools like Photoshop or other image editors. Touching briefly upon some standard setting requirements, Arnold took the session through a series of photography terminologies, like ISO, shutter speed, aperture values, white balance etc.

Highlighting the importance of composition of a photograph, particularly with reference to the ‘Rule of Thirds’, he very animatedly exemplified the importance of the rule mostly in the print media output. Scale, proportion, balance being other vital elements of a well-shot picture, Arnold supported this discussion with a well illustrated presentation, continually giving examples and adding details of his personal photographic achievements and his own creative, rather inventive and unique methods of working.

The bottom line is that every image has an audience and photos, even the ones taken purely for personal collection, finally need to be commercially comparable images. Every image needs to present itself with a ‘WOW factor’!

Profile: Arnold Dagdagan

Arnold is a professional 'hobbyist' in the photography industry and enjoys a day career at 3 M Gulf as a Process Engineer and Site supervisor, for the company's multi-divisional manufacturing operation.

Born in Manila, Philippines, Arnold attended college in Far Eastern University in Manila with majors in subjects related to fine arts, interior design and architecture.

In 2004, Arnold started to get serious with photography and took basic and advanced photography courses in UAE and Philippines. He has always been interested in how portraiture captures the personality and soul of its subject. Over the last few years, Arnold has been travelling time and again to cover fashion shows in United States and in Dubai.
He shares his years of learning by teaching basic photography to beginners.