Saturday, November 19, 2011

This year will mark the 40th year of the United Arab Emirates but that doesn’t mean that those celebrating can decorate their cars, police officials confirm. The national day celebrations usually include all types of decorations like shawls, caps and even banners and stickers on cars. But despite rumors, the police will not be issuing licenses to decorate cars for a fee of AED 60.
Students interested in showing their spirit of festivity and happiness can put up posters and display national slogans as long as it does not block the driver’s vision or distract other drivers on the road. Tinting the front glass, obstructing the license plate, putting posters or flags are some of the violations that have caused a number of accidents in recent years. Additionally, they should not change the color of their car or cover its body with posters to hide the car’s color or number plates.
The police warned people against standing on the car tops and windows, and overloading, saying that they would take legal action against violators.
The Activities Department at the Traffic Department will issue permission for rallies and people should give the time, location and number of cars participating in the rally to ensure people’s safety and smooth traffic in the area.
Keeping in mind both the rules issued by the police and safety of motorists, it’s time to show your national spirit. So let’s gear up to celebrate!
Report by Rabab Kazi