Monday, November 28, 2011

Author, Ruskin Bond reading a poem from his book, "The India I love"

24th November 2011: Sharjah International Book Fair was overwhelmed with excited and curious visitors that included a large number of students who waited anxiously to get a glimpse and interact with the renowned Indian author, Mr. Ruskin Bond, invited as part of the India focus session.

Better perceived as the Indian ‘William Wordsworth’, Ruskin Bond has now been writing for more than five decades. He has stressed more on the local elements of Himalayas in his writings. With his distinct writing style, he specializes in describing to the readers about landscape and ethos, through carefully mastered words.

The hall was packed with students of various schools. Ruskin Bond was accompanied by Mr. Kapish Mehra, Managing Director and Publisher of Rupa & Co. who enlightened the school students and various other visiotrs of the sessions that are included in the seminar.

 “I have never been in front of so many young people before, it actually feels great,” said Ruskin Bond, as he addressed the crowd. He started off by reading one of his poems, “Our local Team” which is on the cricket team he used to play for.

This was followed by a one-on-one interactive session, where Ruskin Bond was pleased to answer the questions asked by school students.

“I like talking to young people because they’re always very honest”, said Ruskin Bond when he was asked the reason of why he writes for children more. “People inspired me to write books. The more children I meet, the more I wrote,” he said.

Bond also included the fact he involves real-life incidents in his stories as well for most of his stories are based on actual happenings.

Blogger, Maria Hussain in conversation with Ruskin Bond

While talking exclusively to Manipal Dubai Blog, Bond said that he wasn’t familiar with the term ‘e-books’. He also mentioned that he never blogged in his life. “I am too lazy to blog,” he said as he laughed at the thought.

With reference to the usual debate on ‘internet versus books’, Ruskin Bond said that it is no wonder that the internet is a much faster and easily accessible medium, but he believes that internet and e-books still have time to overtake books.

Department of Media and Communications meet renowned Indian novelist
at the Sharjah International Book Fair
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Lastly his advice to aspiring writers is to learn how to write well. Bond emphasized that the language, grammar, vocabulary should all be excellent, and people should have and develop their own writing style. A motivational speaker, Bond encourages students of all ages to write and speak their minds out through pen and paper.

By Maria Hussain
Photographs by Rabab Kazi