Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A new feature has been added by the internet phone service Skype. The users can now have video chats with their family and friends on Facebook at free of charge. The release of this newest feature was announced on Thursday in a “beta” test version of Skype’s software for the MAC's and PC's. Through this feature, both companies expand on an existing partnership.

Gulf News quotes Jonathan Rosenbery, Skype’s chief technology strategist, working with Facebook “is really taking us a big step closer to that goal.”

Though chats were already possible on Facebook, which was an instant – messaging feature on Skype, the option of video component was still not available.

Skype lets their users to make calls, have video chats and send instant messages over the internet which are free of cost, while calling regular phones from a computer are paid services.

By Christine Cherian