Saturday, December 10, 2011

Analyzing the French film, "The First Man" on Day 2 at DIFF 2011

8th December 2011, day two of the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) held a panel discussion analyzing the movie, ‘The First Man’ (2011). The panel consisted of three personalities; producers Bruno Pesery and Caroline Locardi and moderated by manager of Dubai Filmmart, Pascal Diot.

Albert Camus was a French author, journalist and a key philosopher. He was the writer of ‘The First Man’, an autobiographical novel which he was unable to complete due to a fatal accident. The manuscript was found at the accident site, which was taken over by his daughter Catherine Camus, who published the book much later in the year 1994.

Caroline Locardi and Bruno Pesery discussed about how they approached this topic, as Catherine Camus was extremely particular about the details that went up while the movie was being made. She initially didn’t want the story to be created into a movie, as she felt embarrassed having the family story made into a movie. She ensured that no new story was created which was not in the manuscript.

Pesery also mentioned the difficulties faced in finding a good director as they needed an exceptional man on the job. Eventually Pesery found director Gianni Amelio who had produced three of his films. Amelio suspended the story which he was working on at the time and joined with Pesery in this film.

This panel discussion enlightened attendees and enhanced their understanding on how film adaptations of books are challenging as well as made them highlight how important it is to emulate the author’s emotions in a form of an authentic script.

Report by Christine Marie Cherian