Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Industry Panel at the Dubai International Film Festival titled ‘Where Do We Go Now?” was held between Omar Chargauwi, Director (Palestine); Mourad Ben Cheikh, Director (Tunisia); Taghreed Elsanhouri Director(Sudan), and Mohammad Khan(Egypt). Moderated by Alaa Karkouti from MAD Solutions (Egypt), the team spoke about the controversial issue of censorship in Middle East.

Consisting of powerful group of multi-Arab producers, the discussion was an eye opener to many. Mohammad Khan voiced his opinion by saying that “the cinema system has changed after the Arab uprising.”

On the other hand speaking on behalf of Tunisian Film Industry Mourad Ben Cheikh said that there is no censorship board in Tunisia at the moment and if it will be set up, the approach will be more holistic.

Omar Chargauwi, based in Denmark touched his roots to the Arab world. He was able to honestly put together the words of almost every budding film maker in this part of the world already knows, how Arab movies mostly attract local audiences. If films consisting of Middle Eastern segments are produced for the international cinema, it almost always stereotypes the Arab image. Therefore “the future is to put the Arab movies on the map.”

While Taghreed Elsanhouri Director representing Sudanese film industry said, “we have to come to terms with the revolution.” As artists every director requires his/her space and wants to be heard. At this moment it’s all about letting the political stream pass and try to solve the crisis.

The strong team of this industry panel represented varied views from different backgrounds of the Middle Eastern upbringing and proved to be a revelation for the issue in concern.

By Heena Makhijani