Thursday, December 8, 2011

With five students nominated for this year's DIFF Young Journalist Award, Manipal Dubai Blog takes a peek into their diaries as they provide us an insight of their experiences at the festival for the rest of the week. 

Wednesday, 7th December 2011


Maria Hussain"The day started off with an interactive session, where mentor Colin Brown briefed us, the participants of the Young Journalist Award at the Dubai International Film Festival 2011 about his academic as well as professional career. Discussing about various topics including film reviewing and critics, Colin Brown explained about the reality of journalism in an outstanding manner.

He also discussed about the traditional as well as contemporary media. For me, his comments were a form of proximity as he spoke about journalism in Pakistan. Moreover, Mr. Brown also intrigued me, as he said that journalism is deceiving. According to him, “When you do something wrong, people blame you. When you do something right, people still blame you. The only difference is that it hurts a bit less when you are blamed for something right.” Therefore, he stressed on using the forum of journalism in a sensible, yet efficient way."
Here is an excerpt from another finalist, Qudsiya Siddiqui 

"I was truly ecstatic on being nominated for the DIFF Young Journalist Award 2011. As a final year journalism student of Manipal University, Dubai, this opportunity to work for DIFF Daily allows me to observe and apply the knowledge in the real field of journalism whilst greatly abiding by the deadlines. 

The morning started off with a briefing and get-to-know-each-other segment with Mr. Colin Brown (Contributing Editor, CNBC Business) along side the fellow nominees for the DYJA. Shared and discussed various topics about the field of journalism whether the field is deceiving and how we journalists have to spin a story around for the betterment of readers. Mr. Colin Brown also conversed with me on the basis of my aims in journalism and appreciated my curious nature as that’s a key element in a journalist."