Saturday, December 3, 2011

29th November 2011, marked the final day at the DUCTAC, Documentary Voices– Focused on Women, began with a discussion session on “How Women came into Movies” with Mr. Phillippe Jalladeau, Director of South – Lights International. The media students of Manipal University, Dubai were present for this interactive session with Mr. Jalladeau.

Mr. Jalladeau shared his opinion on how he personally doesn’t prefer to differentiate between the men and women in movies, but eventually accepted the fact. He also added that women earlier used to work behind the scenes, where they played an important role in the editing of a movie and eventually as time moved on women came forward and began making movies.

After this session, there were documentary screenings for the students and faculty. Mr. Jalladeau discussed the documentaries and the students shared their view points at the end of each screening.

The media students of Manipal University, Dubai were able to attend, learn and understand more about how women have grown and faced the difficulties in order to grow in this industry.

Report by Christine Cherian