Saturday, December 10, 2011

On the DIFF red carpet, Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma, lead actor of Ladies vs RickyBahl
Photograph by Christine Cherian
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At the Dubai International Film Festival this year, the red carpet is lined up with a variety of films from different countries and cultures. And the Bollywood industry never ceases to fail, walking the red carpet towards the world premiere of their film “Ladies VS Ricky Bahl” were lead actors Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh.

The Madinat Arena theatre was completely packed and the waiting audience geared up for the film to begin as soon as the actors arrived.

“We are very anxious and excited whether you all will like the film or not, but I hope you all keep giving this continuous support to Yashraj Films, and to us always,” said Anushka Sharma during the vote of thanks being offered to the actors.

Review: The beginning of the film was very gripping yet a little predictable. We have our young con (Ranveer Singh) who plays various characters in the film, using his child-like behavior and charm to grab the attention of the pretty ladies, one of them being Ishika (Anushka Sharma) to fall in love with him and then be conned by him too. A gist of the story would be, that there is a conman who creates fake identities and loots some gullible girls and disappears, but the fun begins when these ladies find out, join hands and then hire a woman, to con the conman himself.

The introductory section of the film was very interesting with a dash of laughter and fun, also seemed fresh, but as the story progressed, it became too predictable and seemed a little dragged. But playing the girl with a Delhi background, newcomer Pareeniti Chopra, who plays Dimple, managed to create humor and was adorable. Also, the other two new ladies, Saira (Aditi Sharma) and Raina (Dipannita Sharma) aid in creating a grasping storyline 
till the climax.

Report by Zainab Akbarali