Friday, December 2, 2011

Three competitions were held at Manipal University Dubai on the 17th of November- henna, hairstyling and rangoli designing.  Students from various departments participated in this event.

Henna Competition

Henna designing
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For the henna competition, there were six teams each consisting of a designer and a participant. All participating henna designers successfully created Arabic designs while some incorporated fusion themes.

Results to the departmental winners of the henna competition were the same as the rangoli competition. The Biotechnology department, with Sameera Syed as the designer and her participant being Salomi gujare bagged the first place with an indo-arabian design, followed by the Interior Designing team, Ummu Habeeba as the designer and participant as Aman Aana Qazia taking the runner-up position,with their Arabic design.

Rangoli Competition

Students working on their Rangoli design
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Seven teams participated in the rangoli design competition and each team represented their courses i.e Interior design, BBA, Fashion design, Media and Communications, Biotechnology, ISM and Foundation department.

Emerging as winners was the Biotechnology department’ first year students; Janani Venkatswanan, Tasneem   Jamaly, Kavya Narayanan and Mrinaleni Ganesh.

Closely following was the the Interior Designing department; their student team consisted of four members - Farah Unni, Seriin George, Jaspreet Kaur and Miland .M. Their theme was ‘cross culture’ which meant usage of both traditional India and U.A.E based designs. The Fashion Designing department followed the same design they have been using for the past two years now for which they have aptly labeled as, “The Lady Luck”.

Hairstyling competition

Hairstyle by the Media and Communications  team
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And for the last installment of the event, the hairstyling competition consisted of five teams, each from the Media and Communications, ISM, Interior Designing, Engineering, ISM and BBA departments.

The ISM department won the first slot with their elegant bridal prom hairstyle; the two stylists were Fatima Mohammed and Mariyam Mohammed and the participant was a student from the biotech department named Victoria Wilson.

Hairstylists Nazneen Naeem and Abeer Zaidi and one participant, Zuby Shoeb represented the Media and Communications department and placed second with their graceful bridal bun.

By Mary Joy