Thursday, December 22, 2011

The interactive and inspiration section conducted by Dr. Anand Menon was a great success indeed. It was held on 15th of December 2011 in the University auditorium .The first year students of Manipal University Dubai were invited to attend the lecture. By the end of his lecture many students were enlightened by his ideals and it surely will help them in choosing a successful path towards their goals. His inspiring words boosted the self-confidence of the students. He also increased the morale of the students by asking them to believe in themselves and not let others to affect our choices. Students were inspired by Dr. Menon’s beliefs that each individual has the power to accomplish any goal.

Dr. Anand Menon advices the students to write down their goals, make deadlines and set their priorities straight. He said that 97% of people in the planet do not aim for higher goals, and their dreams are limited. He asked us to be achievers in the remaining 3% of people. He inspired us to dream big and have higher goals in life. Dr.Anand’s vision is to change the world one soul at a time. As proved he’s touched more than one soul through his lecture. We were really lucky to have a person like Dr. Anand Menon in our midst.

Engineering students with faculty and invited speakers
Photograph courtesy Department of engineering

The department thanks Dr. B. Ramjee, Director for permitting us to hold this program in the campus. They are also grateful to Dr. S. V. Kota Reddy, Chairperson of Engineering Dept and Prof. Vijay Kumar for their guidance and support and as well as Mr. Dany Mathews (BE-MTE) for hosting this program successfully.