Friday, December 16, 2011

Owen Wilson poses next to the DIFF logo

His career began with the film ‘Bottle Rocket’ in the year 1996 and from then the exeptional and witty actor hasn't stopped making a mark in the Hollywood industry. He is none other than, Owen Wilson, the twitched-nose charmer was awarded the “Variety International Celebrity Award” by Variety magazine at the Madinat Arena on day four of DIFF 2011.

Variety’s conversation with Owen Wilson asked intriguing questions about how his career has been so far and his experience working with Woody Allen in his latest film, 'Midnight In Paris' for which he plays a time-travelling writer.

Wilson, who is mostly known for his commercial films like 'Wedding Crashers' and 'Shanghai Noon', says he got a nice letter from Allen asking him to star in the movie.

Dealing with themes of nostalgia and modernism, the film is about a Hollywood screenwriter played by Owen who is struggling to write his first novel in Paris. He finds himself time travelling to the past and meeting some of the most iconic literary figures like Earnest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso and Scott Fitzgerald that change his life.

Owen Wilson receives the Variety International Celebrity Award at DIFF 2011
Photos by Zainab Akbarali. Click here for more.

Nabila Sharani, student of Manipal University, Dubai and member of the media crew asked him, how the experience was working with Woody Allen especially since Owen’s character (Gil) was based on an alter ego of himself. To which, Owen replied, “It is funny people would say that, it was kind of an imitation of a person he was when he was younger, but when people would say this, Woody would totally disagree you know, no Owen is totally different, he’s from California, he likes dogs (laughs) he loves the ocean and surfs and you know, he made me sound like I was working at the Sea World (laughs)”.

The interview with Variety also discussed Owen’s overall achievement since his first film Bottle Rocket which he did with his younger brother Luke Wilson in 1996.

Choosing the right roles are crucial for actors and Owen Wilson is no exception as he explains how he chooses the roles of a comic character. “I don’t think in terms of a funny character to be lovable, usually if I think something’s funny and if I can understand the logic behind the character, and usually a funny character, you know, has one of the seven deadly sins, that’s usually what makes him a funny character and so my character even in Bottle Rocket was a megalomaniac, he didn’t have a lot of self-awareness and Luke’s (Luke Wilson) character was little more earnest and trickier.”

When asked about the concept of not mixing business with friendship, mentioning Ben Stiller, he replied, “Well I think you develop a level of comfort with people, but with Ben you know, we met in college, and then I remember Ben saw Bottle Rocket and then he wrote a nice letter to me saying how much he liked it and we were excited to look stuff to work on and that ended up with working together for so many projects”.

Report by Zainab Akbarali