Saturday, December 10, 2011

Infotainment at large, the second day at Dubai international Film Festival 2011 began with an educative session on why isn’t the media interested in smaller films. 

The session elaborated on how small budgeted films fail to obtain viewers attention in the midst of big budgeted blockbusters.  The panel comprised of Ammar Abed Rabbo from France, Chris Paton from UK, Abdel Sattar Naji from Kuwait, Liz Shackleton from India and Steven Zeitchik from USA who spoke about how media covers, promotes big films and heed less attention to smaller films in the industry even though  a majority are smaller films. 

The session accused mainstream media of not supporting local films or persuading distributors due to which small films fail to attain publicity in the market place.  

“Small and independent films have difficulty in getting attention in a healthy market,” said the panel moderator, Mr. Colin Brown, contributing editor, CNBC Business (USA).

According to the panel members the best platform of exposure of these smaller films is through film festivals. The smaller films which are usually documentaries deal with tragic subjects and have a social message to deliver. Most of the small films have new faces and new directors who show case their talent. 

To make these small films big, producers and distributors resort to various techniques some of which are casually termed as star power where a prominent star from blockbuster movies have a cameo to play in the film. 

The educative conference enlightened the press on how media has the power to play an important role in informing and making mass audiences aware of low budget films and how this promotion will help these small films make it big.  

By Fathima Layeek