Friday, January 6, 2012

The third year Media and Communications students specializing in Advertising, Public Relations and Event management conducted a seminar on ‘Corporate Branding and Visual Standard Guidelines’ on 28 December 2011. Through this seminar students understood what branding in the corporate world means. 

The students invited Mr. Davidson Jonabas who is an accomplished advertising professional to speak on this topic.

Mr. Jonabas talks about branding, its importance in the advertising industry and how each individual is branded for he believes that it starts within our self and it is important to be unique and different from people. 

Mr. Jonabas also spoke about the various visual standard guidelines which consist of choosing the right logo for the company, placing the logo at the right place and showed a few examples to explain the concept better to the students.

Mr. Jonabas on corporate branding
Talking exclusively to The Manipal Dubai Blog, Mr. Jonabas shared his views on new media advertising and useful tips for aspiring professionals. With the advent of new media creating a brand ranges in difficulty, Mr. Jonabas says, “It has become both tough and easy as it is difficult to decide which the right medium is as there are many options and choosing the right one is extremely important for the advertisement.”

With so many brands in the industry, pricing a brand and making it stand out among the others is a difficult task. Mr. Jonabas mentions that the pricing of these brands are mainly dependent on their profits and also their brand name. As a personal choice of whether he would go with branded products or stick with the quality, he said, “It depends on the occasion for me.”

Mr. Jonabas advices students to be extremely creative and remain focused on what they want to do and ensure that they aren’t forced into doing it if they have no will or passion to do so.

By Christine Marie Cherian