Monday, January 2, 2012

Students experimenting with lighting techniques

On Wednesday, 28th December 2011, a special Photography workshop was organized by Mr. Sambhram Pattanayak of the Media and Communications department. The free workshop was held after college hours and concentrated on the lighting element required in product and model photography.
Over 20 participants were taught the use of three point lighting, coloured filters and reflectors that are used in professional photo shoot. During the evening hours, students were also given an opportunity to try their hand at night photography.
Sahitya Raj, a participant from the Engineering department said, “I've always thought photography to be an amazing talent that one should possess.This workshop gave me the chance to experience that and with Mr.Pattanayakand all the media students being so helpful, I actually got to learn a lot about professional photography! I enjoyed it so much that I think I'll pursue it as a hobby pretty soon.”

Mohammed Imtenan, a second year media student who also took part in the workshop commented, “The workshop was indeed amazing! It was a fun and interesting session where we got the opportunity to learn new things and better ourselves at photography.”

By Hileri Bilakhia