Monday, January 16, 2012

Fatma Hilal, invited speaker at the Tasweer seminar enlightening students on the photography industry in the Emirates

The photography industry has undergone many developments, with almost everybody owning digital or hand-held cameras, everyone thinks they are a photographer, for all it takes is the ability to point, shoot and upload that amazing shot on any social medium for your friends to view and admire. However, it’s not about just taking a ‘good’ photograph but knowing how to take one, again and again, that’s what makes a professional photographer.

Final year media students specializing in Visual Communication invited photographer, Fatma Hilal to enlighten attendees on the photography industry in the Emirates on 26th December 2011. Labelling their event as, Tasweer (Arabic for photograph),  Fatma Hilal discussed the pros and cons of this creative outlet that can be used a leisure activity and be taken up as a professionally.

Fatma Hilal is a passionate photographer and has gradually carved a niche in the fashion, beauty and commercial photography world for a little more than ten years now. She established herself professionally four year ago with the official studio lady design, doing commercial, fashion and make up, editorial photo shoots. Her career does not just begin and end with photography, Fatma has also showed varied interests in fashion and writing.

Photographer Fatma Hilal judging the photo entries of the Tasweer photography competition
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According to Fatma, what drives her inspiration is the people around her and her intricate sense of observation. During the course of the seminar, she exhibited her work and explained how each photograph had a story to tell. Fatma created short tutorials that displayed simple and basic scenarios in life, such as how to tie your hair and ways to ensure a good photograph is taken using crucial elements such as lighting, makeup and exposure.

Fatma emphasized how indispensible your camera can be as a photographer and educated students on what it takes to be a professional photographer depending on the medium, be it print, electronic or online.

Tasweer Competition

The event concluded with awarding the winner of the in-house photography competition that was held as part of the Tasweer seminar. The competition was open on Facebook, weeks before the event, encouraging students to submit and vote for their best photographs. 

Invited guest, Fatma Hilal judged all entries and nominated Cedric Ribero from the Department of Information Systems and Management, as the final winner.

By Fatema Khokha