Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Department of Media and Communications held their first reunion on Monday, 27th February 2012 welcoming over 150 – 200 ex – students from all the batches dating back to the first batch of 2005.
The event, titled, "Media Monday" hopes to form a strong network between alumni and the current students that will take place every last Monday every two months.

Organized by the media students specializing in events, the first Media Monday laid out the red carpet welcoming all old students from the first batch in 2005 to the last years batch of recently graduated students. The event started off by showcasing the works of the current batch done in the previous semester, followed by Mr. Joseph John, the Head of the Department, addressing the students and also making them aware of the various activities done by the department. 

One student from each batch was given an opportunity to come up and speak about their college experience and on what they are doing currently in the industry.

Joseph John, Chairperson of the Media and Communications department with alumni
Photographs by Afif Ibrahim and Shane Shareif
Through this reunion, it was not only a stage for the previous batches to meet their friends and catch up, but was also platform for the current batch to meet their seniors and network.

The students were extremely excited to meet their friends and live through the memories again and looking forward to many more in the coming years.

"The new campus looks great and it was nice to see familiar faces after such a long time," said Nilofar Khatib from the batch of 2010.
“It was really a memorable one for all the ex students, and is also great to hear that such reunions will be planned more often”, said Zainab Das of 2011 batch.

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By Christine Marie Cherian